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Map of Alpha City

This is my first cut of the map, detailing some of the key locations and districts. As people add key places to this, I'll update this accordingly. Let me know what you think!

1) Industrial Plaza: This section of town is a little over a decade old, churning out a variety of concumer products from cars to whiteware to consumer electronics.

2) Kirby Institute for Science and Experimentation: A vast futuristic complex encouraging radical (but not dangerous to the point of recklessness) research into new fields of science and technology. Work is encouraged to be carried out for the sake of science rather than marketability of the results. Many a disgruntled student who was removed from the institute for dangerous research has dabbled in the field of supervillainy, although few last.

3) Meeting Hall of The Pantheon. This is a classic design hall for a superteam, using stark white and tall pillars to evoke the fond feeling feeling of superheroes from a more innocent time. Alpha City's premier superteam do not live here like other superteam HQs, but instead use this as their base of operations for missions.

4) City Hall: Located in the Central district on the corner of Simon and Schuster, many a formal thank you to heroes has been given on its footsteps.

5) Headquarters for The Supremacy: This is a multi-storey complex for the superteam the Supremacy. Various levels include training rooms, storage for air transportation, labs for analysis, experimentation and maintaining and upgrading founding member Techno's battlesuit. A host of support staff occupy this building at all times for science and mechanical needs as well as housekeeping for team member's residential quarters.

6) Moore Park: A small but beautifully kept park, walking distance from the city.

7) Base of Operations/Official Museum/Themed Restaurant for The Trine. The marketing juggernaut that spins off from this super trio occupies a small skyscraper. The lower levels are for the various gift shops that sell figurines, DVDs of their short-lived animated series and other merchandise, medium levels are for marketing, licensing, distribution and PR departments, and the upper two stories are the headquarters for Trine Members, Head Trip, Hardhyde, and Umbra.

8) Kane Residential: A nice, proud but unpretentious suburban area.

9) Lee District: This downtown area has been restored to its once-great glory. Many shopping centres including Quesada Plaza--the biggest Mall in Alpha City. Alpha City's Police HQ is found here too.

10 )Johns Rise: A wealthy residential section, there are a lot of big name families that have had a key part in Alpha City ever since the city's founding.

11) Finger Park: A very vast park, often used for sports days. It is often a meeting place for smalltime criminals when it's dark.

12) Byrne District: This is the one-time industrial mecca of Alpha City, however fires gutted it out nearly twenty years ago. It still ticks along, but it never restored to its former glory. This is the crime district Some of the factories that still work have been converted into mad scientists labs and lairs for various criminals, both of the mundane and thematic variety.

13) Azarello Penitentiary: Prison for all 'regular' humans.

14) Ellis Metahuman Detention Centre: This is a special detainment facility designed to restrain most power types with state-of-the-art technology.



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Jan. 28th, 2009 02:59 am (UTC)
Looks good. As with the official M&M setting I can't help but find the naming of buildings and such after comic writers and artist deeply amusing.

I'm wondering what heroing in a city with some many superteams is going to be like...
Jan. 28th, 2009 03:00 am (UTC)
Glad you picked up on them.

I left out this city's red light district though: Millertown.

As for multiple superteams: You're all going to be very busy!
Jan. 28th, 2009 09:21 am (UTC)
Also, you need to join the community! Everyone else has!
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