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Map of Alpha City

This is my first cut of the map, detailing some of the key locations and districts. As people add key places to this, I'll update this accordingly. Let me know what you think!

large map under cut, with legendCollapse )


Campaign Info: Being a Hero in Alpha City

So a lot of this is really going to be background events for your characters: I have written all this down to hopefully smooth things over in game. I'm not expecting people to roleplay a test scenario, it'll just happen 'off camera'.

Superheroes are not exactly rare--it's something the denizens of Alpha City accept as a part of everyday life. Most people will know someone who knows someone who knows a hero. Besides traffic delays due to superpowered battles and the occasional alien invasion, they just try and integrate it into their daily routine as best they can.

Anyone with superhuman abilities is legally required to register their powers with the government on a national level. This is merely a formality any gifted individual has to do, like taxes. There are different levels of registration.

Level 1: If you have any innate power or ability then you must register your name and undergo some standard tests to categories your particular power set and ability. You are free to use them in everyday civilian life, but are subject to the same laws. Typically this is used by people who are ashamed or who otherwise do not use their powers, as there are few benefits to, say, fly yourself to work as you are often drawing attention to yourself with the ability of concealing your identita behind a superhero persona. This is simply drawing a target on your head. Some Supervillains might register, but this is rare. Non-human species must adhere to this law if they have abilities above and beyond those of humans. Gods must also register.

Level 2: You are a licensed crimefighter. While you are not (necessarily) answerable to any local body authority, you are encouraged to uphold the law. This requires all the details of a Level 1 registration as well as a security screening and a basic psych evaluation.

Level 2a: This is superhero registration for non-innately powered individuals. Martial Artists, Super geniuses, gadget-using crimefighters or people who use battle armour fall under this category. Any customized or enchanted equipment or weapons must also be registered.

This is a secure means of storing information--the data on secret identities is stored heavily encrypted at a separate facility to all superhero data. Only in very extenuating circumstances will a hero's civilian identity and contact details be revealed. However in the case where identifying individuals with specific power sets are involved, this register is useful as you can search for individuals. Search results for Level 1 individuals will give you civilian identities, Level 2 (or 2a) will give you their superhero identity as well as a means of contacting them.

Technically speaking, if you are not registered you are breaking the law. This applies to people who have innate powers but no registration whatsoever, to people whose powers change/are altered and do not update their information or people with a Class 1 registration (or no class) who fight crime. In the latter part classified as vigilantes. They are meant to be hunted down, but in many cases, where heroes (reluctantly or otherwise) accept that non-registered heroes are a necessary evil as they can go places other heroes cannot go or do things others cannot do, this is 'overlooked'. Unregistered people who are new to society are generally given a grace period to allow the opportunity to register before they are consider non-compliant.

Superhero fighting can cause a lot of damage in a cityscape. Roads can get ruined, buildings damaged. Heroes are encouraged to avoid unnecessary damage to personal or city property whenever possible, but accept that it will happen in the line of work. Most cities have an annual insurance contract in the low ten-digit range to ensure all damage is speedily repaired so that everyday life can resume as soon as possible. That's not to say that the city are going to be happy to organize tens of thousands of dollars of repairs from damage caused stopping a bank robbery of a few grand.

Heroes often have to provide statements and accounts to the police whenever an arrest is made to ensure the road to justice is completed. They are often required to appear in court as a witness. This caused multiple supervillains to avoid imprisonment on technicalities because heroes would refuse to divulge their secret identity to take their oath in court, so the Bendis Act was passed to enable heroes to be sworn in as a witness for criminal cases under their assumed identity. This will seldom be roleplayed out in depth and is mostly there for flavour.

Heroes are expected to work alongside the police in all affairs, but they do not answer to them. The average police officer is happy to deal with heroes although some are bitter with this arrangement.

Super teams
Teams are a great way to fight crime.In addition to backup and variety in power sets, government-endorsed teams allow all sorts of benefits including priority lines to government and emergency departments, a base of operations and support staff, access to the superpowered database, and of course, funding. These can be applied for but the best way to get this is to be noticed doing good in the community. Government-endorsed teams still have autonomy even if requests might be made of the team on occasion. Other Superteams can be reached for assistance but this is difficult as most teams are often on call. Besides, if you are selected as a government-team you are expected to be able to do most jobs yourself.

There are many different groups in Alpha City but the three 'major-league' teams are The Pantheon, The Excelsiors and the Trine.

Phew! Okay I have to pass out now, no time to error-check it. Sorry if there are some mistakes, I'll go over it tomorrow. If you have questions, please, ask!


First post!

This is the LJ community I've created for my Mutants & Masterminds game. I've got a few ideas and a few fill-ins and cutscenes etcetera to include in the game, as well as notes on the general scope of the city, what it means to be a hero, key locales, known superteams and the suchlike.

This is a community so that the campaign's players can post stuff both in-game and out-of-game, and any interested parties can still freely comment. I won't restrict non-membership comments; anyone that is interested in what I have to say is welcome to offer comments/critique. To begin with this is just going to be notes that I will scribble down as I come up with them, and expand to feature bios on relevant people in the city that the everyday citizen should know about.

So, let's get into it!



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